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Look for quality in sample frames to help choose a professional framer

You’ve decided to pursue having an item professionally framed.   Where do you take it and how do you know which framer will do a quality job.  Doing a quality job means using the right materials and being a craftsman that cares about their final product.   Wherever you decide to go, look at the samples that the frame shop has on their walls.   Here are a few things to look for that will help you decide whether that frame shop cares about quality. 

Inspect the mat cuts and corners – There are several things to look for. 

Corner overcuts – Today, one of the tools that many professional framers have in their shop is a computerized mat cutter.  These machines are very precise and eliminate “overcuts” that are common (and essential) with a manual cutter.   Check the corners to see how accurate the cuts are. 

“Hooked” corners – One of the other problems that comes with manual cutters is a problem called a hooked corner.   Instead of having a perfectly straight cut all the way to the corner, manual cutters tend to curve slightly within an inch of the corner.   It may be one of those things that you would never notice on your own, but it you know it’s there, your eye will continue to go there. 

Frame joints – Check to make sure the moulding ends are cut cleanly and joined properly.   There should be no visible space in between the two sections of moulding.  

Mat spacing – When double or triple matting is desired, check the spacing between each layer.   Is the distance from one edge to the next consistent throughout the frame?