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Conservation Glass is a Clear Choice

I was in a doctor’s examination room recently and, while waiting to see the doctor, I began looking at all of his diplomas and certificates that he had proudly displayed on the wall.  The first thing I noticed was that they were framed rather inexpensively.   Instead of having them professionally framed, he had placed them directly behind glass in some of the cheapest frames he could find – whether the frame was the same size as the paper or not.  

The second thing I noticed, which leads to today’s tip, is that many of the signatures had faded badly.   The culprit?  The fluorescent light in the examination rooms!   Like sunlight, fluorescent emits ultraviolet light.  We all know what the ultraviolet rays from the sun can do to our skin, but most people don’t think about the damage it can do to other items such as paper and ink.  The fluorescent light had caused irreversible damage to his diplomas. 

The Solution?  Use conservation glass to protect your framed valuables. This glass is coated with an agent that filters about 98% of all UV rays.  The coating does not noticeably affect the clarity of the glass, but provides valuable protection for the items within the frame. 

Conservation glass is more expensive than regular glass, but it is well worth a few extra dollars to prevent light from damaging your valuables.